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Bibliographie de l'auteur

Rod On Jr. – Author - Writer/Director & Producer



- l’Ordre Des Diamantaires - Write/ Director / Producer
- The Last Chapter - Writer/Director /Producer (Leon Entertainment)
- Le Célèbre Inconnu – In pre-production – Writer/Producer
- My Life, My Secret -- - Writer/Director/Producer
- High Stake – In development Write/ Director/ Producer
- City and Crimes – Writer/ Director
- Une Grande Perte - Writer Director

Video- director

- Zahra Universe feat Wes Madiko (Sela –Sela) Official song of the Africa Football Cup of Nations 2013 ( 2012) - Lamar (2012)
- Zahra Universe – Falling in Love (2012)
- Zahra Universe feat. Soprano &Qwes 3D (2011)
- Wes Madiko factoring Zahra Universe (2010)
- Zahra Universe (2010)
- Nikki (2009)
- Akon (2007)
- Miss Elliot - promo (2005)
- Green Days (2004)
- Robin William (2002)
- Tina Turner ( 2002)
- Jamairocai (2001)

Literacy - author

- The Last Chapter (a.k.a. Le Dernier Chapitre) 2011/2012- EditionLafont/Warner Book Inc.
- *The Blue Tunnel (a.k.a. Le Tunnel Bleu)- 2010- Edition Robert/ Palm Edition
- A little bit of love ( a.k.a. Juste un peu d’amour)-2005 Edition Legrand
- My Life - My Secret ( a.k.a. Ma Vie Mon Secret ) - 2002 - Starcks Edition

Commercial - director

- L’Oreal, Toyota
- Pontiac, Diamonds Inc.
- Nintendo
- GL and several other consumers commercial

         Rod On, Jr. is a third published novelist and successful screenwriter before his film directorial debut met with critical acclaim. His subsequent films and screenplay have been equally well received and he continues to direct feature-l ength, short films, high tech commercials, videos as well as writing novels and original screenplays.
        Rod On, Jr. was the award winning director at the Philadelphia International Film Festival and Market 2004 for his movie “Big Lost” produced by 20 October Entertainment and USA Films. He also directed a second feature-length film, “City and Crimes” which he also authored. He has directed videos of the following artists: Tina Turner, Jamairocai, Miss Elliot, Green Day and Robin Williams. He has also directed high-tech commercials for Lancôme, BMW, and Toyota.
        He is presently in pre-production of his third theatrical feature film currently titled “The Last Chapter,” a psychological drama thriller suspense which he authored and for which he will serve as director. This project is based on an unpublished novel titled “Le Dernier Chapitre”. The book is scheduled for publication by Warner Book Inc., (us) and Michel Lafon Publishing (fr).



        Rod On, Jr. is also a is the Co-CEO/President of the Media Group On-Spot Enterprises, . On-Spot Enterprises,(www.on-spotenterprises.com ) a small media group which consists of the nationwide publication ME/ME2 Magazine (www.meme2magazine.com), the independent records label with Sonybmg distribution deal Arusa Music Entertainment (www.arusaentertainment.net), the independent movie/production company Leon Entertainment (www.leonentertainment.net) and the outdoor advertisement company On-Spot Billboard. On-Spot Enterprises headquarter is in Virginia with offices in Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, Paris (France), Seoul (South Korea), Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Tokyo ( Japan) and Yaoundé ( Cameroon); Johannesburg ( South Africa).

- Red Cross operation to rebuild New-Orleans
- Lulallee Productions (an NPO based in San Francisco that provides children around the world 100 thousand books each year)
- Say No 2 Drugs (an NPO based in Los Angeles that is proactive in the fight against drugs in school)
- BIFTY ( Be Involved For The Youth) a non profit organization to help youth in Africa