Résumé du roman

“ The Blue Tunnel” novel by Rod On Jr.

tunnel blue


When Rebecca Testu marries Govani Brostani in 1970, it is the logical outcome of love found after a chance meeting aboard a French airliner. Declared sterile by renowned French fertility doctors, the young couple leaves Paris for Brostani’s home in Verona ( Italy). Helped by her husband, the young Frenchwoman gains acceptance from her husband's family where lineage and children are a way of life.

Some years later, when she gives birth to a son, baptized Armandi Inzaghi Brostani it is regarded as a miracle by everyone. For them the child represents a gift from God. In spite of the births of two more children Raissa and Manuela, Armandi Inzaghi Brostani remains the center of attention for his family. When Armandi leaves his parents' home at eighteen to attend university in Rome his departure marks the beginning of trouble and death in the Brostani family. First there is the sudden death of his younger sister, Manuela Brostani. Following that tragedy is the bloody failure involving an African expedition Armandi was involved in.

Resume (3)

There seem to be no answers for why the party was massacred and why Armandi’s closest friend did not survive but he did. Unable to handle the mental pressure and public scrutiny following the mysterious, ill-fated expedition, Armandi transfers to an American university in Baltimore, Maryland to finish his studies. Unfortunately for Armandi he cannot escape the troubles even in a fresh country; just a few months after his arrival on campus a rash of student murders begins. Never in the history of Maryland and Baltimore University had there been such horrors . . .