President arena

The project is technically feasible.

The project is designed according to a modularized idea and sticking to a cost effective and high
performance principle. All technology and solution applied in this project are characterized with high maturity, high efficiency,  and
high stability and easy to maintenance. It is a customized modular mutli-activities arena that is in compliance with all the international
standards. In addition, the project is a green solution, which will not bring any negative impact to the environment. From a technical
point of view, the project is feasible for local social and economic development.

The project is economically feasible.

The construction of the project will expand the public venues to host any events including sport
, arts, cultures, seminars, stands, political rally…etc  while keeping the security of the people through an investment with low cost and
up to 20 years repayment period. It will effectively increase tourism, events, cultures innovations, and opens the country to host  various events that will economically turns up budget of the countries. The project will provide Cameroon with really modular mutlifunctions arena to reduce open air or public occupation of sites for national events. Though the initial investment is relatively high,
the overall cost including the OPEX is competitive. Meanwhile, with the huge demand of such arena, event promoter’s working time
can be extended, and their action radius will increase accordingly. Urban service industries will be greatly promoted and the level of
people’s consumption can thus be effectively improved. As well as it will provide the millions artists and fans in Cameroon a really
stage of arts arena with light, rigs, visuals effects incorporated that will significantly increase artists input and revenues.

The project is socially feasible.

The project will produce a great social benefit to the country overall. Thanks to  modular
multi-function   arena, the urban  day and nightlife will be greatly enriched with in and out peripheral entertainment,
cultural activities and social activities as well as sport activities and kids airplays which will also extend the city with creation
of a 4 stars hotels, state of art universities for an education to the entertainment jobs . Business and international activ ities
will be improved and urban entertainment management will   become more standardized. All these will make the cities
better for people to live, work and do business

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