onThe « Relay » is group of voluntary people dispatching around the 10 regions of Cameroon. There are mostly young and younh adult well educated that will give their time and school knowledge to provide support study or coaching to those that doesn’t get easy access to education.  This group of people will be reaching out on the frenquent basic needed young people and adult that need to reconnect with school knowledge, school program to get educated within their community.  Behind coaching and helping those in need to do their homeworks, to teach them to read, write and count but also to launch some other activities such as sport, culture, art…etc that will attract young and young adult into their « Relay » programm.       The ‘Relay’ member will also collect social, educational data on their region visited. And they will provide various kind of help while on the ground.onon

Project will start in September 2016.

Staff : looking for member ( send your resume)

Contactez : Pamela Agnes Assou-Akono   (

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